Get to know these truly passionate and talented artists who complete Obbra. Together with our growing union of artists, we aim to produce unlimited arts and crafts to be shared with everyone around the world.

Alyssa De Asis

Alyssa specializes in illustration, graphic/web design, branding and photography. She loves paying close attention to details, experimenting with vibrant colors and creating surreal new worlds.

Gayle Ponje

A born Filipino artist based in Australia, Gayle uses mixed media, mainly watercolour and ink pens, to create expressive artworks aiming to convey a strong emotion. She reminds herself, “my inconsistency is consistent.”

Joycell Manzanares, an Obrra Artist
Jang Manzanares

Art turned into a commitment in Jang’s life that commenced when she was 5 years old. She is now an illustrator and designer. Her works are fused by reading books, listening to fictional podcasts, and watching animated films.

Keb Makasiar

Keb Makasiar is an animator and illustrator who works for a few local and international cartoon series and movies as a freelancer. On the side, he creates illustrations as a hobby and sometimes sells his works.

Avvie Yvonne Reyes

An independent artist and designer from Bulacan. Avvie’s art is surreal, she often combines beauty with strength. She explores her art and designs in the category of fantasy, sci-fi, love, depths and strengths.

Cat Ambrocio, Obrra Artist
Cat Ambrocio

Cat is an illustrator and a Pokémon master from Cavite. An introvert who tells her stories through her art. She finds joy in making art and sharing it to the world in hopes of making other people happy.

Dette Gaspar on Obrra
Dette Gaspar

Growing up it was hard for me to find the perfect medium where I can express my emotions until I learned how to use watercolor. Most of my paintings is about a human emotion that is no stranger to us all.

Joyce Gaspar on Obrra
Joyce Gaspar

I’m a self-taught artist and I use my art to express myself and to be understood. My art breathes my story and I want to share it to the world. I want to be an instrument to those who struggle with themselves.

Andreana Salutal on Obrra
Andreana Salutal

She is a Visual Artist specialising in Graphic Design and Illustration. Her work orbits around personal experiences and societal issues, with a little bit of magic. She is always looking for ways to expand her craft.

Ika Gabor
Ika Gabor

Though Ika is more often than not uses digital platforms in her works, she isn’t constrained by her own medium. Ika is elaborate with her colors and gradients – the first things that would strike you in her pieces.

Erika Del Mundo
Erika Del Mundo

Art is my passion. It’s where I can show my creativity & share my talent to the world. I have a thing for cute illustrations that everyone can relate to. With Obrra, I can connect to the art community and achieve my dreams.

Cherry Gonzales
Cherry Gonzalez

Her works are inspired by nature and the relationship between the natural and urban environment. She reconstructs what she sees in nature and her surroundings, and pushes it to a new level, creating abstract compositions.

Nathan Escano on Obrra
Nathan Escano

Growing up, Nathan’s always been surrounded with colors. Illustrating his imaginations in vibrant colors has always been his passion, which is why becoming a 21 year old artist for him didn’t just happen out of the blue.

Janina Guerrero on Obrra
Janina Guerrero

Life through sparkly, rose-colored glasses. I work in advertising during the day, and find release through my watercolor paintings. Sometimes I do digital, but that is only because I need to justify my iPad purchase.

Marichit Garcia on Obrra
Marichit Garcia

My creative work evolves around the exploration of The Impossible Garden & The Wildforest – a world that is born one art piece & one story at a time. I’m inspired by fairy tales, mythologies, and the wildness of nature.

Eunice Carbonel on Obrra
Eunice Carbonal

Eunice works as an Art Director in the advertising industry, side hustles a small arts and crafts business as her passion, selling merchandise online and in stores, and loves to collaborate with her artist friends.

Ninola Design

A designer from Spain. Painting in an intuitive & boundless way creates the rivers of watercolour. Loves the inherent element of luck & surprise of this technique, making each work unrepeatable, each one a spontaneous order.

Jing Dizon

My artworks are inpired by music and emotions. I want to make others see what the beautiful faces are trying to hide. I learned that most of us have invalidated feelings and I want to showcase my art to begin the healing.

Jo Degamo

I recently took up drawing and painting as a hobby, and I have been enjoying every minute of it! My favorite subjects to paint are animals (mostly cats and birds), flowers, and women (at their best).

Jeanne Rose Gomez

I love creating watercolour paintings and intricate ink illustrations. Astronauts or spaceman is one of my favorite character to include in my illustration to portray the emotions in every content of my creations.

Ninola Design

A designer from Spain. Painting in an intuitive & boundless way creates the rivers of watercolour. Loves the inherent element of luck & surprise of this technique, making each work unrepeatable, each one a spontaneous order.

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