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“What the heck are we here for?”, you may ask

Well she said, “tonnes of artworks do not receive the appreciation it deserves because artists do not have all the means to expose themselves and their masterpiece on a global scale. Making a living through their passion can also be a struggle, so talents have been kept hidden or, worse, put to waste. I think it would be awesome to use my skills to support local artists, expose their artworks or talents, and help them make some bucks.”

Then, Obrra was built. The name was derived from the Spanish word “obra” which means “the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman”.

Our Vision and Mission

Exhibit art
Empower Artists
Help them make a living through their passion

Basically, what is Obrra? How does it work?

Obrra is an online arts and crafts marketplace built to exhibit art, empower artists and help them make a living through their passion. We sell artworks as print on T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, and wooden canvases, as well as crafts (soon!) produced by Philippine-based artists and hobbyists.

We’re In For Waste Management

Obrra don’t do mass production. Instead, we only produce artworks on goodies that have been ordered. So heads-up: our team cannot do next-day delivery!

Women-led Startup

Obrra is a women-led startup community launched in June 2019.

Promos & Giveaways

Stay tuned and don’t miss these to get discounts and freebies by liking our Facebook page and following our Instagram account.

Art Fairs

Obrra also participates in various art fairs to exhibit the artworks of our artists as print on our materials. These fairs include We Art Intramuros and BGC Art Mart.

Obrra originally came from the Spanish word obra which means ‘a product of toilsome work’.

For Artists

Every artist at Obrra shares their artwork at no cost. Then we exhibit and sell it as print on different quality materials through the website. The artist earns by getting a commission for each sold material with their own art on it. Artists or hobbyists can also become an artist at Obrra and sell their crafts here.

For Art Enthusiasts / Customers

Find and purchase new, undiscovered artworks and own them as print on Obrra’s growing goodies including T-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, mugs, and canvas prints. With every item you purchase, you are helping an artist live up their art and bring home the bacon through their passion.

For All, Our Promise

Browse through hundreds of artworks exhibited on Obrra website for free and discover artists you’ve never heard of. Because valuable art lasts forever, Obrra promises to give you what the artworks deserve – a top-notch print quality on long lasting materials.

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